Luke has come on-board as technician for The Last Hurrah at Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot

Luke is very pleased to have joined the team of the Last Hurrah as technician to re-light the production and oversee all of the sound effects and technical elements.

The Last Hurrah (and The Long Haul)

Chaotic and clever, The Last Hurrah (and The Long Haul) pitches you from the endless endeavour of ‘putting on a play’ to the fast-ebbing edges of The Great White Land, up there, near the North Pole, where the Polar Bears roam. Under the sea ice, once (they say), swam whales. Above, now, we cling to the twisted wreckage of our homes.

Farcically funny, fierce and fragile, and told with unbridled joy and warmth, this is the true story a community living with the consequences of climate change. A story of how people pull together. And how they fall apart.

Ready yourselves for humungous sea beasts, horrible storms and a huge health and safety disaster too late to avoid.

This show is made from 100% recycled material(s).