Luke is working on the virtual Bath Business Festival

Bath Business Festival


Bringing the Bath Business Community Together 
The Bath Business Festival is to celebrate all that Bath has to offer, to rally around our local businesses to meet, learn, share, network and do business.  A chance for the local business community and residents to come together and celebrate all of the wonderful businesses that make Bath such a special city.

People and businesses are still very concerned and cautious, feel a real need to stay connected to boost confidence in our own local economy and get Bath businesses firmly on a track.

During this event you will get the chance to hear from expert keynote speakers from around the city, do some speed networking (3 sessions: morning, lunch and afternoon) and meet other business owners, join in with the following stream covering a wide range of businesses.
There are 9 keynote speakers covering the following business areas

  1. Retail Sector
  2. Hospitality, Tourism and Events
  3. Small Business, Trade & Start-Ups 
  4. Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment
  5. Digital & Tech
  6. Recruitment, HR, Training and Education
  7. Business Services (Finance/accounting, legal & insurance)
  8. Public Sector and 3rd sector
  9. Health, Wellbeing and Environment 

The economy has taken a hard hit as a result of Covid, but the economy will and is starting to regain momentum. Some businesses have continued to trade, relatively unscathed, others have stopped altogether and some businesses have thrived. The festival will be about learning, sharing, moving forward and thriving, supporting the local economy, our local businesses and our city.
Breakout Sessions will be led by experts in the 9 business areas and will cover

  • Up-to-date information on next steps
  • Proactive advice on getting going again
  • Engage with businesses and consumers
  • Network to make new contacts and catch up with colleagues
  • Learn from leading experts

Free tickets Vs Full Access Tickets (only £5)

We understand times are really tough which is why there are both ticket option:Free Tickets include access to the event, keynote speakers (9 experts) and the expo to meet the local businessesAll Access Tickets include all the above, PLUS access to the 3 speed networking sessions, Plus ALL the breakout expert sessions for in-depth discussion & participation. All access tickets are £8 (less than £1 per speaker!) Expo booth include 1 All Access Ticket. 

Bath Business Festival: Meet, Learn, Share, Network and do business.

Watch Luke’s keynote speech from the Bath Business Festival on all things arts and cultural here: