What can Luke help you with?

Live Streaming

Don’t let your show or event be left in the dark!


Luke will work with you to produce a comprehensive and modern lighting plan for whatever your show or event.


Luke will produce full, detailed documentation of your lighting plans using AutoCad which will enable you to relight the production in the future or at other venues.

Shine Bright

Whether it’s a musical, play, concert, building or conference Luke can help you create the right atmosphere and add a professional touch to your event.

Your show in the spotlight

Luke has many years experience lighting everything from musicals to plays and concerts to conferences. His lighting design for the Wizard of Oz won a Rosebowl award and his lighting for Zenith Youth Theatre Company’s Titanic was also nominated. No matter how big or small your show or budget Luke can find a way to help you and add a professional touch to your production.

From indoor to outdoor no event is too big or too small


From initial discussions to a full blown event management plan Luke can help you realise the potential of your events and make them a reality.


Luke has experience of producing and creating comprehensive risk assessments and health and safety plans for events to ensure your participants are kept safe at all times.


Luke can help train your volunteer teams, brief security and work with contractors to ensure every element of your event is a success.

Take your events to the next level

Luke has been involved with many different events over the years. From the tethering of six air balloons to the top of Solsbury Hill for the Queen’s Jubilee Beacon lighting event (with EON Events) to the Forest of Imagination where thousands of people attended to enjoy and participate. To the creation of the Theatre Bath Bus and the conversion of it into a mobile venue. And to numerous conferences and corporate events. No event is too big or too small.

From conferences to theatre shows & stand-up comedy to webinars


From your living room to the whole wide world. Luke has the expertise to help you get your content out there live.


Connect with audiences around the world in real-time.


Build a community around the work that you produce.

Stream to multiple social media channels

Do you want to build your audience across multiple different platforms at the same time?

Luke can help with that. Whether you just want to stream to Facebook or to Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and others.

You have the technology at home!

These days with the advances in smart phones and webcams anybody can stream from home.

With Luke’s help he can get the best out of the equipment available to you and with his experience as a lighting designer and sound technician he will make sure you look and sound your best as well.

Do you have a technical problem? Whether with equipment, online streaming or an event – Luke can almost certainly advise you.

Technical Issues

Are you planning to live broadcast but cannot get the technology to work? Are you in a venue with a piece of equipment you’re unfamiliar with? If so Luke may be able to help you.


When working on an event or show time is often against you. Why not take some of the stress out by employing Luke to deal with the technical requirements for you?


Feel free to contact Luke and ask technical advice. If he doesn’t know the answer chances are he will be able to recommend somebody who will.

Lighting, Sound, Management, Social Media & Marketing

Luke has spent many years working within different areas in the arts. He has a good working knowledge of all areas and will willing share that expertise. Whether you need a fully fledged technical manager for a show or just some advice about what equipment to use. Luke’s broad-ranging experience and all-around skills can benefit any project you can think of.

Do you need to take your event online? From 50 people to 2000 people or more there are plenty of options to enable your event to happen in the virtual world.

Keynote Speakers

Allow for multiple keynote speakers,  member-led sessions and breakout groups and fully interactive expo booths.


Allow your participants to network with randomised speed networking capabilities. Meet important new contacts and share details.


Record all sessions and keynotes for your archive or to share on your social media or website at a later date.

Luke is working exclusively with the Event Organisers Network

Luke is working closely with Franco from EON Global Live to help organise and host a whole range of conferences and events for clients across the world.

No matter how big or small your requirements – whether it’s a small gathering of fifty people or several thousand. We can help make your event a success and run smoothly.

Putting the ‘social’ back into Social Media


Luke can help you or your brand discover your voice on social media and help communicate your messages and values clearly.


Luke can help you identify and connect with the audiences that matter to you and make sure your messages land in the right places.


Get more engagement, post likes, comments and shares by learning how to interact with your online community and build their trust.

Let your brand do the talking

Whatever your company or brand Luke can help you engage with them and connect with them across different social media platforms. He has many years of experience of building online communities and followings and he can help identify your audience and working with you put a plan in place to ensure you maximise your potential reach.