The Blue Bird at the Rondo Theatre, Bath

The Blue Bird, adapted by Alison Farina and staged at the Rondo Theatre with Lighting & Sound Design by Luke has been getting rave reviews.


What the critics thought…

RemoteGoat Says:

“…certainly the sheer beauty of the design from Natalie Remington alongside lighting by Luke J Emmett, would keep the younger folk spellbound throughout.”

The Bath Chronicle Says:

“A huge open set of light, shade and colour is accompanied by excellent light and sound effects, plus a mass of humour and magic… One of the best Christmas productions I’ve seen in years, it is definitely the one you should catch this year. A delight.”

The Famished Fox Says:

“Blue Bird makes for a refreshing alternative to the traditional pantomime this Christmas season. Use of staging and lighting effects within this show, compliment the fantastical nature of the script beautifully. The strobe effects featured within the ‘ghost’ scene and the perfectly executed timing of some rather rapid lighting changes in the first act, greatly enhance the aesthetically pleasing aspect of the show. Further, as we enter into the Rondo Theatre, it is pleasant to see the actors communicating with the children from the off as they literally enter the Blue Bird wonderland that a fabulous use of staging and lighting creates for them.”

What’sOnStage Says:

“The design by Natalie Remington is captivating a wonderful imaginative world where nothing is quite as it seems. Beautifully lit by Luke J Emmett there is something here for every generation.”


For more production shots by the fabulous Owen Benson see below:

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